The Queen of Hearts

For fans of:

Medical jargon and interpersonal drama, a la’ Grey’s Anatomy or ER, and female friendships and drama as seen in Divine Secret’s of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood or Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons. (Two of my faves!)


First, I LOVE the Kentucky connection here. Although she’s now based in North Carolina, Kimmery Martin grew up in Eastern Kentucky and went to college here in the state. I was also excited to quickly realize how incredibly wonderful Kimmery is as a person. All that aside, let’s talk about the book.

The Queen of Hearts is an impressive debut – I was completely engaged in the lives of Zadie and Emma, the two main characters. I loved them both, even in spite of some really bad choices and quite a betrayal (on one of their parts anyway). I think what really pulled me in was Kimmery’s ability to make the characters feel so completely relatable – all the real-world chaos that comes with two busy working moms and their families.

I loved Zadie’s kids, especially her free-spirited youngest, but I felt like all the characters were equally well drawn and authentic. I had some issues with the depth of the male characters in the novel (one of them was a complete jackwagon, so the issues there were totally warranted), but it was interesting to hear Kimmery in interviews talk about pieces of the story (the ones I happened to want more of) that had gotten cut out in the editing process.

I thought this book was light enough to feel fun and engaging, but with enough depth and serious subject matter not to feel fluffy. It was a great read!




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